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*Update: 06APR2018
Updated The Style Only. No Other Content Added. Will Add More Content When I have Time. 

*Update: 26APR13
Added Song Takue Te Takua Lyrics Under Lyrics Page 

*Update: 04APR13
Updated Un-Heard Songs 
I`m being lazy, sorry guys, its summer i will have more time promise for more videos and audios. 
I love my wife SImran she is the one who reminds me to update the site :) 

*Update: 05MAY12
Made Unheard Song Section Under Music Albums
Also Created A Update Page, Too Much Info On Landing Page.
Also Added More Pictures To Slideshows
*Update: 28APR12
Chamkila Book Upload Under Books Under The Column
Thanks To:
Akkee Singh Attri